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What is GPD

GPD brand has made great efforts for five years and made it from the professional company providing 3C product design to the multinational brand of global marketing. We believe from beginning to end that the quality and innovation are the basis of strengthening the brand cohesion. In 2015, we created a hardware device called GPD XD with perfect compatibility with the major game platforms. The launch of GPD XD was very successful and was highly praised by gamers in all kinds of platforms like PSP, NDS, Arcade, etc.

Later, we found that the handheld game console based on the Windows platform turned out to be a blank market, and there were a large number of PC games coming out around the world every year. It would give players a new experience, if it was available for playing PC games on handheld game consoles. According to that result, we launched GPD WIN at the end of 2016, which turned out to be a great success to the market. Although it was not perfect, it still helped convince us of our follow-up launching its upgraded version.
In 2017, we have launched the latest GPD POCKET, which is very suitable for the office users that are not very interested in game playing. These users cover the fashionable women, geeks, and successful people, because they have strong desire for a product owning similar experience of MacBook Air. And we tend to provide customized product according to different user groups. We believe that GPD Pocket can give users better experience because it is more compact than the MacBook Air.
GPD is the abbreviation of Game Pad Digital, which comes from the concept of our company founder to do the first game product. The purpose of GPD brand is to provide personalized handheld devices and their accessories based on the precise needs of market and meant for niche players. That means that we design our products more based on the needs of players than just individual thoughts. Therefore, all of our innovative products are closely in touch with the interaction with the players.

GPD Pocket

Brand Position

The purpose of GPD brand is to provide personalized handheld devices and their accessories based on the precise needs of market and meant for niche players.
Product Positioning
As the world's first and only top super portable computer, the position for GPD Pocket is UMPC. It is designed strictly according to UMPC design standard such as: Intel's latest ultra-low voltage CPU, the minimum resolution of 800 × 480, portable, low power consumption, long standby time, suitable for mobile office, Internet available, processing documents, etc.

Market Position

The target consumer groups for GPD Pocket are the light office and office users who need frequently mobile working such as: sales staff, trainers, writers, journalists, shopkeepers and so on.
Besides, a considerable number of the digital geeks are included. Although there is no clear definition for who to use this product, it’s sure that people tend to be fond of this kind of lightweight portable devices.
For those women who chase the pace of fashion, they go with not so much MacBook Air as similarly stylish GPD Pocket.
Pocket provides Ubuntu firmware with driver, which have never been supported in UMPC field before. And it will meet the great demand for the potential Linux user groups.

Market Position

It is highly competitive in the market full of common laptops, Ultrabook, two in one and flat pad so that it leads to low profits. While it’s uncommon to see the products like GPD Pocket which is ultra-thin, tiny, and suitable for office productivity. There are only few UMPC brands such as Sony, Fujitsu, etc. But their products require high price. GPD have taken the market acceptance into consideration before releasing Pocket so that the price is affordable but we also ensure reasonable profits for our distributors at the same time.

How GPD Pocket Looks

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